I would like to know if there are subtitles in Spanish?

Thank you
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I'd like to know that as well, KIke.  It's a great idea, since there are very many Spanish-speaking people who would appreciate this excellent film!
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Sí están. los dejo aquí adjuntados por si los queréis bajar.
Son los oficiales!

Que disfrutéis!
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Muchas Gracias escuin 😃
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Hello, yes!  We're excited to say we now have Spanish subtitles.  If you send me an email at I can send you the subtitle file to integrate into VLC Media Player.  We are working on getting the subtitles into Vimeo.  Gracias por su pregunta!  ~Victoria
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thanks for this job! Is a amazing documentary film
I'm from Chile and wish present this film in my university, is possible to send me the spanish subtitles? Because, not everyone knows english.
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Taton, Spanish subtitles are now available on the streaming version of ALBATROSS, - just toggle the Settings button and scroll down for Spanish. Go to the homepage and click the button Watch ALBATROSS.  And if you'd like the subtitles file please email me at info at

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Nicolás Huidobro
Thank you Victoria. Is it possible to get official subtitles for the trailer, in Spanish? If you don't have them available I can propose a translation.

Thank you.
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