Thank you so much to Chris and team for all of your investment in so beautifully and courageously documenting the very painful plight of the Laysan albatrosses.  I initially heard Chris interviewed on an NPR podcast about a year and a half ago.  Just hearing about the problem was so devastating to me that it took months to get up the courage to watch the trailer.   So incredibly sad...  And the movie is even more heartbreaking.  But, you all have changed my life.  I started watching and reading everything I could find on plastic in the oceans.  I have joined and contributed to several organizations who are fighting the problem.  My plastic use has been cut back so drastically that I create very little plastic trash.  Some of my favorite things have been sacrificed because they come swaddled in plastic.  I tote around a metal spork, reusable cup, reusable shopping bags, and take out tins.  And I am working on getting other people to do the same (some would say harassing...) and am having some success.    I have joined the recycling committee in my community and am starting an environmental support and action group.  I am working to get a screening of Albatross in my community which will hopefully happen in the next couple months.  I recommend it to everyone I can.  Anyway,  this is all to let you know about one more life you have drastically affected and that it is having ripple effects.  Thank you so much!!!
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Sullie Seagull
Well done! I have also working to eliminate plastic in my community for 12 years.
i was delighted to meet Chris Jordan in Charleston and have screened his movie to a 120 group at the Waccamaw Library in Pawleys Island  I think that it has changed lives.
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