Yesterday we hosted a screening party in our home, 13 peoples: ages 5 to 85.  We first watched the film, discussed, served dinner then conducted a prayer session for the environment. This film touched us all!   This is personally my 3rd time watching it. Though we have been very involved in activism our selves, we wanted to share what we have learned and this film with others. We also shared tips and examples of how our guests can reduce plastic and all waste in general.  I cannot thank Chris Jordan and his team enough for the amazing work you have done and the value of knowledge that you have brought to those who are unaware of the crisis our environment is facing.  You are very special and generous people! Thank you!
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Karlee Schnyder
Thanks for keeping up the momentum!
Albatross is with us every day as we spread the word to clean up our planet and our over-consumption habits!
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