Hello Albie Team,

You are probably flooded with requests for other language subtitles, but I imagine that many native German speakers would you be happy to produce German subtitles for this film.

For what I know of the German-speaking public, I believe Albatross would find a very receptive audience.

I would offer to translate it but my German isn't perfect and there are too many people who could do a better job than I could.

Just hoping...I would love to send Albatross to my German-speaking friends! 🙂
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I could take over that job, as a german native with Advanced Knowledge. Approach me any time. I would be more than happy to assist with this task. 
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Hello Laura,

That would be wonderful! As you know, we are gifting the film to the public on donation basis.  We are not getting a huge amount of donations, but we have some that we've been able to use to translate some languages, but not all we'd like.  So far, a few generous people have volunteered translations - such as Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese and hopefully Brazilian Portuguese coming soon.

If you'd still like to do this please send me an email at info at albatrossthefilm.com.

Warm regards,
Victoria Sloan Jordan
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