Eastland Port

Hello to Mr Jordan and the film makers and distributors of Albatross.Thank you for making such a raw and utterly engrossing documentary. Eastland Port http://www.eastland.nz would like to offer two free screenings of the film to the people of Gisborne, New Zealand, in November 2018. We are a small logging port on the very eastern tip of New Zealand and we operate in the centre of our 18,000-strong city.

free for a public audience of up to 290 people.

  • The second free screening on Wednesday 21 November is planned for in the elegant and grand Dome Theatre in Gisborne, http://www.domecinema.co.nz/

I have three questions:

  1. Does Eastland Port have your blessing for showing the film in these two locations?
  2. If so, can we order a DCP for the Odeon screening as this is the only way they can show the documentary.
  3. And if so, what if any marketing material do you make available to people like us who want to screen it.

I would be very happy to talk to anyone to clarify anything, and look very much to your feedback.

Kind regards

Hayley Redpath
Communications, Eastland Port

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