Hi, folks.

I'd like to contribute with Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.
Can you guys send me the subtitles in English? I'd love to translate everything.

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John B
Hi Rodrigo.

The film team is already preparing a version of the film with Portuguese subtitles. You can check that in other forum discussion. I hope it will be ready soon. I am brazilian and had asked for that some weeks ago.

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Ok, thanks, John!
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Hello Rodrigo!  Actually, we would love it if you were able to translate ALBATROSS into Brazilian Portugeuse.  As you know, we are gifting the film to the public on donation basis.  We are not getting a huge amount of donations, but we have some that we've been able to use to translate some languages, but not all we'd like.  So far, a few generous people have volunteered translations - such as Spanish, French, Greek and Chinese.

If you'd still like to do this please send me an email at info at

Warm regards,
Victoria Sloan Jordan
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Sure! I've just sent an email for the address. It'll be my pleasure to do just that.
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Miguel Rodrigues

Hi everyone
I am preparing a screening in Portugal in the next two weeks and these subtitles would be much appreciated. When do you think they could be available?

Obrigado, Rodrigo!


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Fernanda Marano
Hi everyone! 
Im from Brazil but I live in New Zealand. I watched the movie yesteday in Napier. No words to describe the feelings... How we can do it with our world? 🙁
I'd like to promote this film with my brazilian friends, portuguese subtitle will be appreciatted. When do you think it will be avaiable Rodrigo? 
And if you need help to do it I'll be more than happy! 
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