Thank you very much for making this movie. I watched it yesterday at the special screening at Jimmy Carter presidential Library and museum in Atlanta.  I was amazed by the human connection represented in the movie. The whole story made the Albatross look and behave like a human through out the various stages of his and our lives. How they communicate, care for their babies, learn to experience life and adventure as a juvenile, migrate, travel and move for food and to raise their families. The photographer, story  and music are amazing. Today when I woke up I could not take out of my head how Albatross resemble human migration.  People now are forced to travel further, migrate and take risk crossing seas, oceans, deserts more often risking their life and the lives of their young ones. The issue will just grow bigger as a result of wars , corruption and climate change. We saw the victims from Africa and Syria drowning in the  mediterranean trying to migrate to europe.    We saw the children being separated from their parents at the USA Mexico border. I think Albatross can teach us that it is natural to take those risks trying to survive and it is not a crime. Is Albatross criminal to fly 1000s of miles, land on a fishing boat or a fishing line trying to feed? Is it a crime if Albatross fly from Hawaii to Japan? Is it illegal immigration? He is driven by natural and the basic instinct of survival and the survival of his babies and future generation. He is driven by protecting his genes and facing forces of nature and being poisoned and killed by other enemies along the way directly or indirectly who consider themselves superior. He is being pushed out of his original colonies by civilization, human growth and scares resources around the world. Can we learn the human migration issue and rights and it’s basic connection to nature and survival. Can we learn from Albatross this “non human-being”?
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